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ISO 9001

Quality Management Policy

As one of the leading companies in the country in the provision of linguistic solutions in the areas of translation and interpretation; and being aware of the importance of providing services that meet the needs and expectations of our clients at the same time as establishing sound commercial relationships in BILINGUAL we are committed to:

  • Identify and meet the needs and expectations of our clients to continuously improve their satisfaction.

  • Comply with the current legal regulations that may be applicable, along with any requirement or contractual commitment regarding the services provided.

  • All employees of the Company are committed to developing and carrying out their functions and responsibilities from the perspective of customer service, as we understand that the Quality Management System involves all of us.

  • Comply with our management system provisions and improve its effectiveness by promoting constant improvement, making our decisions based on objective data, keeping measurable indicators, and process performance.

  • Provide the resources needed to continuously train our employees to deliver as a team the solutions that our clients and stakeholders seek.

  • Identify and tackle the risks and opportunities that could affect the achievement of our objectives effectively, contributing to the QMS performance improvement.

  • Establish a collaborative relationship with our suppliers, requiring the same level of quality and competencies that we demand of ourselves as an organization, establishing qualification criteria for their selection and performance monitoring.

    Furthermore, in the Company, we are well aware of the importance of maintaining relationships with our clients based on trust as well as the responsibility associated with data protection. That is why we subscribe to a Confidentiality Agreement to guarantee total confidentiality of all documentation disclosed to us, including keeping the utmost rigorous treatment of our client’s personal data.


Lima, November 8th, 2022

David Mego 


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