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ISO 9001


Considering the activities carried out by the Company, the limits and applicability of the Quality Management System has been determined by including the internal and external factors that are relevant to its purpose, and thus defining its outreach as "Document Translation Services, Consecutive Interpretation (Remote, In-Person, Over The Phone and Video) and Simultaneous Interpretation (Remote or In-Person)".



Due to the nature of the services rendered by the Company, the following has been considered as non-applicable requirements:


  • Requirement 8.3 “Design and Development of Products and Services”, as the Company provides linguistic solutions based on the technical expertise of Interpreters and Translators of different languages, in addition to the specifications that clients and the Company may outline. These are clearly defined in every proposal or quote and are also incorporated in the manuals or documents prepared by the Company to describe the services to be provided.


  •  Requirement "Traceability for measurements": since linguistic solutions are provided, for which monitoring and measuring equipment is not used.



Lima, February 24th, 2023

Revision #02

David Meg


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